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Is the TDP in for a big shock? Are four of its MLAs ready to join the YSRCP? The most important thing is that these four MLAs are ready to resign their MLA post to join the BJP. If sources are to be believed, the four MLAs are from the Prakasam district. They include - Karanam Balaram, Gottipati Ravikumar, Eluri Sambasiva Rao and Bala Veeranjaneya Swamy.

In fact, soon after the YSRCP landslide, most of the 23 TDP MLAs, who have somehow managed to win despite Jagan tsunami, wanted to join the YSRCP. They approached Jagan and other leaders, but were strictly told that they have to resign their MLA posts if they wanted to join the YSRCP. This was a big disincentive for them and they backed out. But, now it turns out that these four MLAs are ready even to resign from their posts to join the YSRCP. They are upset at the way Chandrababu Naidu is handling the party. They also see that there is no future for the TDP in Andhra Pradesh.

Interestingly, these four MLAs did not take part in the protests organised by Chandrababu Naidu on sand quarrying recently. Though they were very much in the town, they did not take part in the protests. In fact, Karanam Balaram met BJP MP Sujana Chowdary. While Gottipati Ravikumar is originally a YSRCP MLA, Sambasiva Rao of Parchur, is waiting for his rival Daggubti to leave the YSRCP. Two more formerministers Damacharla Janardhan and Sidda Raghava Rao are also trying to jump into the YSRCP.
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