Former Speaker Fights Toughest Battle Of Life

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Former speaker of Telangana assembly Madhusudanachary today is facing the toughest battle of his life. A defeat this time could spell the end of his long and illustrious political career. He may very well have to walk into the sunset.

In Bhupalapalli municipality, which was earlier represented by him, he is fighting with his traditional rival Gandra Venkata Ramana Reddy. Till now, both were in different camps - Chary was with the TRS, while Reddy represented the Congress. But, now both are in the same party -TRS - but are carrying on the old rivalry. Chary has become very sullen and upset after KCR made his political rival Reddy incharge of the campaign. He was also incensed by the decision to give the sitting MLA full powers in ticket distribution. Reddy ensured that his supporters got the maximum number of tickets, while only a handful of tickets were given to Chary's supporters.

Both Chary and Reddy are campaigning for their respective supporters. They are avoiding each other even during the campaigning. Interestingly, the Congress Party here is almost somnolent. Konda Murali, who was to campaign for the party, has largely kept away from the electioneering. The Congress appears to be leaderless.

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