Susmita Sen Opens up About Steroids Intake

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Former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen have revealed some shocking some shocking things about her illness back in 2014. Sushmita Sen claimed that she went through a life-threatening disease.

In 2014 after finishing the shooting of Susmita's Bengali's movie 'Nirbaak' she fell sick. She used to faint regularly and after running some tests, the doctors have declared that there is a hormone in the body which is called Cortisol and adrenal glands had stopped making it. ''I had to take a steroid for every 8 hours to stay alive. I started gaining weight because of the steroid deposits. My hair was falling badly. I went though trauma because I am a former Miss Universe who is supposed to be  beautiful. I was in a trauma and didn't wanted to go out'' said Susmita Sen.

On the other hand, Sushmita added that as a single parent, her children needed her the most and she took a break from movies for the kids. Now, she is planning to come back and is going to come up with 'Happy Anniversary' movie soon.

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