Why Rosaiah Made Such Comments On Jagan?

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Former CM and former Governor of Tamil Nadu K Rosaiah is not known to make acerbic comments. He is known for his friendly disposition towards all. But, his recent comments on Jagan are quite different from his normal demeanor.

Speaking during a book release function, he said Jagan’s ways are inscrutable and said that he has a lot to learn about governance. He also found fault with Jagan not maintaining cordial relations with the Centre. Those in the know say that Rosaiah's comments have their roots in the Jagan-Rosaiah relations during the 2009-14 period. Differences cropped up between Jagan, who wanted to become CM of united AP and Rosaiah, who was Congress high command's nominee.  It was then rumoured that Jagan's behaviour had caused huge hurt to Rosaiah in those days. So, Rosaiah timed his comments to hurt Jagan most.

Jagan's differences with the Centre are mainly due to the latter's unwillingness to protect the interests of AP. If Jagan turns a Nelson's eye to these, his relations with the Centre will improve. Is Rosaiah suggesting that Jagan should surrender AP's interests to protect himself? But, Rosaiah's advice that financial discipline was very important for AP at this juncture should be taken seriously. Whatever, Rosaiah chose a tricky moment to vent his ire on Jagan.