Filmmakers Fighting For Powerstar

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Looks like there is no end to the rumors surrounding Pawan Kalyan's re-entry. Producers are literally fighting with each other to grab that offer. Big producers like Mythri Movie Makers and Dil Raju are reportedly giving leads to the media stating that Pawan will be working with them next.

Mythri Movie Makers gave a whopping 5 crores advance to Pawan a few years back and they are certain that he would make a comeback under their production house. They are making Harish Shankar come up with a story to impress Pawan as per sources. On the other hand, Pawan is showing interest in remaking 'Pink' and as the rights are with Dil Raju, the latter is confident Pawan will be working with him. Both of them are giving leaks on social media and heating up the situation.

On the other hand, directors too are trying hard to get Pawan's acceptance. There is news of Trivikram working on the script of 'Pink' and Krrish too is suggesting that he will be directing Pawan for his next film. Amidst all this chaos, wonder what is going through the mind of Pawan Kalyan. Who will he pick? What film does he opt for? Will he make a comeback in the first place? These are the questions only Powerstar can answer.
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