Film Studio In Siddipet - Film Institute In Gajwel!

Movie Artiste Association (MAA) President Shivaji Raja opined TRS Government got an opportunity to continue the good work after winning the 2018 Assembly Polls by a huge margin. ‘KCR, KTR, Harish Rao and Talasari will fulfill their promises at any cost. Film Industry is fortunate to have Talasari as Cinematography Minister and Rammohan Rao as FDC Chairman. Even Jubilee Hills MLA Maganti Gopinath have good contacts in the Film Industry. Because of them, We were able to get access to the bigwigs in the Government easily. If an outsider was appointed as Cinematography Minister, It get’s a bit difficult for us,’ he said.

Shivaji Raja feels setting up a Mini Studio in Siddipet will be beneficial for the Film Industry. ‘I had been to Siddipet 5-6 times in the recent years. It has got city and village atmosphere, that’s the greatness. People here are well-behaved and they cooperate when shootings happen. Due to growth of the TV Industry, Producers will find it hard to get slots in the studios. I feel setting up studio in Siddipet will be useful,’ says the Senior Actor.

MAA President talked about the proposal to set up Film Institute in Gajwel or any other place which can be reached in 1 hour from Hyderabad. He added, ‘We have plans to construct Gold Age House for film celebrities who aren’t financially sound. This is my dream project. We expect 10 acres of land from the Government. We would collect fund seeking donations from all the heroes. Whatever we collected so far have been in the fixed deposits. Very soon, MAA Members will be meeting KTR with these proposals’.