Father And Grand Father Tried To Bury A New Girl Baby Alive

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The incident came to light when an autorickshaw driver, Kumar, seen the infant's father and grandfather digging a small pit to bury the girl. This incident took place near Jubilee Bus Station at Secunderabad

The auto driver said an old man held something wrapped in a cloth and the other one was digging a pit. They were about to put the bundle in the pit. He shouted and asked them to stop after then he suspected something was wrong and immediately called the cops.

The auto driver waited till the police arrive from the near police station and all went to the spot, saw the girl child moved hands and legs and started crying. The man who held the girl child was a grandfather and the man who is digging the pit was the father of the girl child. They did not want the girl child and decided to kill it by burying alive. The police arrested the two people and the baby girl was admitted to Gandhi Hospital.
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