Farmers Suicides: AP At 4th Spot During CBN's Rule!

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Former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu boasts that development happened during his regime in the past 5 years was unseen before. The reality is completely different from the tall claims TDP Supremo keeps on making.

In its Accidental Death and Suicide Report, The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) declared that 11,379 farmers committed suicide in India in the year 2016. As many as 948 farmers killed themselves every month. Which means, 31 Suicides per Day. About 12,360 Farmers Suicides were recorded in 2014 and 12,602 Suicides happened in 2015.

Maharashtra continues to hold the Top Spot though a 20 percent reduction was noticed compared to the previous year. About 2,550 out 6,270 suicides documented country-wide happened in this Northern State. While AP stood at Fourth Position, Telangana settled at Sixth Place.

In AP, 730 Male and 74 Female Farmers committed suicide. Naidu claimed Agriculture Sector was flourishing under his rule.

In Telangana, 572 Male and 73 Female Farmers took the extreme measure. Farmers Suicides in Telangana dipped by almost 50 percent. Thanks to the pro-Farmer Schemes of TRS Government! While 1,347 suicides happened in 2014 and 1,400 suicides took place in 2015, The count has dropped to 645 in 2016.
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