Farmers In Maharashtra Are Facing Issues Due To Shiv Sena

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Independent MP from Amaravati, Navneet Kaur has made an aggressive and fierce speech in Parliament on the very first day of the Winter proceedings. She has acted in some Telugu films earlier.

She has blamed the Shiv Sena for being the driving force for the political crisis in Maharashtra. She added that Shiv Sena is the reason for the issues faced by the farmers.

"If they possess any determination regarding solving the farmer issues, they would form the government. Due to their selfishness, they are creating problems for the formation of the government. Shiv Sena is the indirect reason for the drought in Maharashtra," said Navneet Kaur.

"I can say that Shiv Sena is the reason for the President's Rule in their state. I will not step back in blaming the party for not solving these issues," she observed.

"I am presenting the farmer's issues, before the Central government as the states are not doing their part. To solve the issues of farmers in Maharashtra, the Central government should release Rs. 50 Thousand crores. The central government has the responsibility to fill happiness in the lives of farmers," she added.
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