Fans upset over Shriya romancing Vinayak!

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Actress Shriya Sharan who is recently married started focusing on films again. Sources claim that she will be romancing VV Vinayak in his debut flick, 'Seenayya'. Reports from the industry are that this pair is almost confirmed. This news is upsetting Shriya's fans and making them worried.

Shriya is a heroine who worked with superstars like Rajnikanth and Chiranjeevi in her prime. She did films with almost every star hero in Telugu and Tamil. She is regarded as one of the biggest star heroines in South India among the current generation. She slowly started losing her status and ended up working in small films like 'Nuvva Nena' and 'Life Is Beautiful'. But acting with an aged person like Vinayak who is making his debut as an actor came in as a shock to her fans. This certainly is not any fan of her would imagine and this shows her drought of film chances.

Vinayak directed Shriya in films like 'Tagore' and 'Chennakesava Reddy' before. It may be a new experience for Shriya too to romance her director onscreen.
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