Fans Need To Understand One Very Important Thing!

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Fans of an actor or actress try to say that they want a certain kind of thing from their favourite and try to support it by saying that they love them unconditionally.

Actually, asking someone to act, the way you like them to, is expecting something in return for what all you have done. How can that be unconditional?

Anyways, a film first look or title will mostly follow the film theme. If we cannot understand that and demand, it should be in a certain way, then everything will look the same.

Samantha fans are hurt that their favorite is not on poster of Jaanu movie. Actually, 96 - the Tamil original, is designed as the story of Ram who couldn't express his love for Jaanu.

Jaanu tries to express but she never gets a chance due to Ram's hesitation. So, both of them reminisce their unrequited love and how strongly they felt about each other.

So, the movie first look is not about whose box office pull is more but what is the story of the film. Sharwanand and Samantha both have box office pull but story is more about Sharwanand's character.

Anyhow, title of the film is Jaanu, name of the character Samantha is playing in the film. So, where did she loose her importance? All those fans who are trying to show their disappointment to the film unit, should think about it.
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