Fans Blame Amazon Prime For Gangleader Piracy

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Digital Platforms are becoming a huge threat for the movies these days and are preventing a large set of audience from going to the theatres and Nani's recent outing 'Gang Leader' also got troubled because of the digital space.

In fact, the stipulated window period for a film before streaming on digital media is 4 weeks. But, Amazon Prime Video which bought the  digital rights of 'Gang Leader' has made it available to stream after 27 days of its release. After a lot of criticism of releasing Gang Leader within a month of its release, Prime Video has removed the film. But the damage is already done as the HD print of the movie is now easily available on unofficial sites. Amazon Prime has clearly broke the rules by not following the window period. Also, as the movie has completed 30 days since the release, Amazon Prime Video has uploaded the movie again on October 12th as a part of damage control.

However, only because of the digital platforms like Amazon Prime, most of the audience are preferring to watch the film at home just 1 month after the theatrical release.
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