Fan Seeks Prakash Raj's Pic, Husband Hurls Abuses!

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Film Celebrities end up having unpleasant experiences at times even if they haven't done anything wrong. Prakash Raj was in such sort of a situation recently when he toured Kashmir.

A Woman and her Daughter requested Prakash Raj to pose for a photograph with them and he obliged immediately. Much to their shock, The Woman's Husband came down charging and abused his Wife for taking picture with the Actor just because he is a staunch critic of PM Narendra modi. The Woman was in tears due to the embarrassment. Tourists who were at the spot watched what has happened. This incident took place outside a hotel in Gulmarg.

Then, Prakash Raj conveyed to the Angry Man that neither Modi nor he are the reason why his Wife married him, gave him this wonderful Daughter and shared life with him. He advised him to respect the views of his Wife and Daughter just alike they respect his views. The Husband remained silent for a while and Prakash Raj walked away with a heavy heart hoping that he won't delete the photograph. 'Will He heal their wound?,' he asked.