Viral: Bogus Voters In Hyderabad!

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Video Footage aired by News Channels show how several bogus votes has been cast in Hyderabad Old City during the polling of Telangana Assembly Polls on Friday. The footage was shot in Charminar, Chandrayanagutta and Yakutpura Constituencies.

In the visuals, Removal of the ink mark on the finger using spirit can be seen. Mostly Youngsters who are either Minors or those women who wear burkhas have been preferred for this wrong practice. These people go back to the polling booth repeatedly to cast bogus votes. Parties have been hiring the people who have expertise in cleaning the ink mark for this operation.

A Person who voted 50 times was given cash reward by the representatives of a party. Malpractices like these hint the drastic changes Election Commission has to make, especially in sensitive areas like Old City, to conduct fair elections.

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