Fake Blood Capsule: Women now can trick men believing that they are virgins

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Amazon is selling a product to fake virginity on the first night of marriage. The product, 'I Virgin' is creating a ruckus on social media and has received massive criticism from people for supporting the taboo of virginity.

The concept of female 'virginity' has often been incorrectly linked to the breaking of the hymen. Bleeding after intercourse was thought to be proof of an unbroken hymen, and thus, proof that a woman had not had sex before.

The product, 'I-Virgin, Blood for the First Night', a virginity pill capsules, claims to have the following benefits-

    The high-quality blood powder

    Fake Blood for the First Night

    No side effects. No needles

    Not toxic. No anaesthesia

    No surgery!

    Easy, fast, safe & convenient

Among the Saansi community in Rajasthan, the practice of conducting virginity tests is common in certain districts, with a white thread placed upon the bride and groom’s bed on the first night. The groom’s family inspect the thread the next day for blood stains to confirm that the bride is a virgin. If she ‘fails’ the test, she may be obliged to pay compensation to the groom’s family.

Though it sounds new in India, Amazon has been selling such products for quite a long. 'Virginity Complete Package' and 'Artificial Hymen Kit' are some of the similar products available on the online shopping site. Such products are even sold in Europe, with a German company, VirginiaCare, selling artificial hymens containing bovine blood.
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