Eye-Witness Reveals Raj Tarun Was Drunk

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There seems to be more twists n turns than what anyone has assumed in the road mishap involving Raj Tarun. First of all, Raj Tarun ran away after the volvo car crashed into the wall. He, however, ended up getting caught by the CCTV Camera while being on the run. Thereafter, The Actor had openly admitted driving the ill-fated car and crashing it after losing control while taking a sharp right turn. And now, An Eye-Witness alleges Raj Tarun was drunk when he met with an accident.

The Eye-Witness who identified himself as Karthik revealed, 'I saw that accident happen on Monday midnight. The car was moving at a speed of 100 to 120 kmph. Raj Tarun stepped out of the vehicle after the crash and kept running. Immediately, I followed him on my bike. Initially, He denied driving the car under the influence of alcohol. Later, I had dropped him at his residence. Before going into his residence, Raj Tarun informed Me that his Manager Raja Ravindra will contact Me. Raja Ravindra called Me after sometime and asked Me to send the video I had recorded. Thereafter, The negotiations begun. He offered Me Rs 5 lakh initially and finally the deal was closed for Rs 3 lakh'.

Karthik told he got to know the other of Raj Tarun and Raja Ravindra after a Woman who introduced herself as a Journalist called him to question him whether if he is blackmailing the Actor. 'Thought of catching Raj Tarun and Raja Ravindra red-handed when they were offering money to expose them completely but that didn't happen. Finally, I approached the police with all the proofs,' he said.

Seems like, The situation of Raj Tarun has only got worsened. He messed it up completely while being in the state of shock post the mishap.
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