Exit Polls hint at BJP win in Karnataka

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In a much relief to the BJP party, the exit polls hint at the BJP party might get a comfortable majority in the polls in 15 Assembly constituencies that commenced on December 5.

It has been reported that the local exit polls state the BJP party might record a comfortable win in the by-polls which has now become crucial. This shows the stability of the BS Yediyurappa government in the state.

To remain the majority in the 224-member Assembly, the saffron party has to win at least six seats out of the 15 seats.

Currently, out of the 208 seats after the disqualifications, the saffron party has 105 MLA seats(including an Independent candidate), the Congress and JD(S) has 66 and 34 MLAs respectively.


On one hand, the BJP party is confident that the voters will cast their votes in their favor. On the other hand, the Congress and JD(S) are very optimistic about the election result.

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