Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Exit Polls: All Favour NDA!

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All the Exit Polls for 2019 Lok Sabha Elections unveiled Today favoured NDA. A clear indication was given that BJP-led NDA will be retaining power with absolute majority in Lower House.

Shockingly, None of the Exit Polls offered a prediction that UPA would cross at least 150-mark. Instead, All of them had unanimously conveyed NDA would be reaching the 272-mark to continue in power for the next 5 years.

NDTV Poll Of Polls:

NDA: 298 Seats; UPA: 128 Seats: Others: 116 Seats

Republic TV-C Voter:

NDA: 287 Seats; UPA: 128 Seats; Others: 117 Seats

Times Now-VMR:

NDA: 306 Seats; UPA: 132 Seats; Others: 104 Seats

News X:

NDA: 298 Seats; UPA: 118 Seats; Others: 127 Seats

News Nation:

NDA: 282 to 290 Seats; UPA: 118 to 126 Seats; Others: 130 to 138 Seats

Republic TV-Jan Ki Baat:

NDA: 295 to 315 Seats; UPA: 122 to 125 Seats; Others: 102 to 125 Seats

News 18:

NDA: 292 to 312 Seats; UPA: 62 to 72 Seats; Others: 102 to 112 Seats

IANS-C Voter:

NDA: 296 Seats; UPA: 126 Seats; Others: 120 Seats
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