Ex-MLA says he is not leaving YSRCP

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Though the TDP is out of power, its propaganda machinery seems to be in tact. The party is still able to spread misinformation using its friendly media. The pro-TDP media spread stories that former MLA and YSRCP leader from Prattipadu Varupula Subba Rao was unhappy at being ignored in the YSRCP and that he was planning to leave the party. It was also rumoured that he would join the TDP.

But, Varupula has set the record straight when he said that there was no truth in these stories, which he said were cooked up and motivated. He said he had joined YSRCP only because the TDP denied him a ticket. So, where is the question of my joining the TDP, he asked. He further said that he was a staunch follower of late YSR, who helped him in many ways. 'Now I am serving under YS Jagan.  There is no truth in the story that I am unhappy in the party,' he said.

He said that the pro-TDP media was trying very hard to create confusion in the party ranks. He met his party workers and supporters the other day at Lingampally and told them not to believe in the stories being circulated in the pro-TDP media. He said this was nothing but misinformation.
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