Everything Can't Be Bought: Priyanka Warns BJP

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After the collapse of Congress-JD (S) Coalition Government in Karnataka, Priyanka Gandhi warned BJP saying, 'One Day it will discover that everything can't be bought, everyone can't be bullied and every lie will get exposed eventually. Until then, The Citizens of our country will have to suffer because of their corruption, dismantling of institutions and weakening of democracy'.

Rahul Gandhi, on the other hand, opined Congress-JD (S) Government collapsed due to the greed of those who saw the alliance between two parties as an obstacle for getting hold of power. He declared, 'Democracy, Honesty and People of Karnataka Lost'.

The drama that's continuing for weeks with the resignations of several Congress and JD (S) MLAs has come to an end on Tuesday. While 99 MLAs voted in favour of the motion moved in the Karnataka Assembly, 105 MLAs voted against it and that led to the downfall of the Coalition Government. Political Parties and People of Karnataka aren't surprised because they knew something like this will happen after NDA retained power in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections. Who will be the next CM of Karnataka and how long could he hold on to the post?