Even fans are now getting disappointed with Pawan Kalyan

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That Jana Sena chief Pavan Kalyan gets carried away by the praises from the fans is only too well-known. But, he has taken this to ridiculous levels and is now paying for it. Now, Pawan has come to realise that over enthusiasm of the fans is proving to be counter productive. Now, he is saying that discipline is very important. If we continue to be indisciplined, then we are doomed. But, the fans appear to be hurt about these comments.

Pawan has changed his attire after entering politics. But what remains unchanged is the way he speaks. He continue to rub the people the wrong way. On one occasion, he has gone to the extent of hurling invectives on the ruling YSRCP, which has more than 150 MLAs in the house of 175.  He spoke quite theatrically when he said that if you are YSRCP, then we are Jana Sena. Such dialogues may be good for the films, but definitely not in politics.

In fact, it's not fans who need discipline. It is Pavan Kalyan who needs discipline. It is important that he stops being a satellite of Chandrababu Naidu and works according to his diktats. He should take his party forward with his own ideas. If he continues with this trend of being brash and unimaginative, his party is likely to suffer more in future. Some of his diehard fans are already vocal in proferring suggestions on public decorum to Pawan. Physician, heal thyself, they have already indidated. Is Pawan listening?
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