Even Death Penalty Can't Stop The Cannibals: Babul Supriyo

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Our entire nation has mourned the painful death of a 26-year-old veterinarian whose name was changed to Disha by the Commissioner of Police Sajjanar. Responding to that horrific incident Union Minister Babul Supriyo said these kinds of 'Cannibals' will not stop involving in such incidents even harsh punishments were imposed.

He Tweeted two Tweets to share his opinion on this incident.

'Everytime I think of the rape & murder of the Lady-Vet, I wish I had the powers to burn the 4 culprits with my eyes•I hv 2 young daughters, the elder one is 20 & it’s the same everywhere in the world - parents remain petrified if the girl is late in returning home at night,' he tweeted.

'I am convinced No Punishment, however stringent it may be, would act as a deterrent to stop such heinous crimes, even if it’s the death penalty, because such cannibals/animals wil continue to exist in the society witn their sick belief that they can get away with it !!'

Many of his followers countered his Tweets and asked the MP whether he is trying to demotivate the rape victims.

'Sir ...Don't u think...u r demotivating the victims and the society....instead u shuld have advocated death penalty...u shuld have said jitne rapist niklenge utne rapists ko maarenge....,' a user replied to MP’s Tweet.

Immediately the Minister responded and said his opinion is not to demotivate the victims and encourage such culprits.

No.. am expressing my frustration bcuz as a lawmaker and a minister, I cannot say that these animals do not deserve a trial, or that if an immediate DNA test confirms that any suspect is the culprit, he should be thrown to hungry dogs or eliminated by firing squad. Can I say this?? he asked the Netizens who countered his previous Tweets.
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