Even Congress Ditches Prakash Raj

Till a few months ago, Prakash Raj was the rising star of anti-Modi politics. In Karnataka, he campaigned against Narendra Modi during the elections. He made very virulent comments against the BJP and has aksed the people not to vote for the BJP.

So far so good. But now, things seem to be different and the going seems to be tough for this talented actor-turned-politician. He has decided to fight for the Lok Sabha from Bengaluru Central. The seat is currently held by the BJP and the main fight would be between the BJP and the Congress. Moreover, Prakash Raj is not supported by any party and he does not have any organisational network to support his campaign.

Though Prakash Raj is a Kannadiga, he is more popular in Telugu states. So, he might end up as the poor third in Bengaluru Central. The seat has been won by the BJP in 2009 and 2019 and the party looks quite formidable this time too. The constituency has Rajajinagar, Shivajinagara, Sarvagna Nagar, Gandhinagar, Mahadevapura, CV Raman Nagar and Chamarajapet.Of these, the BJP has three assembly constituencies, while the Congress has five. So, it looks that Prakash Raj's road ahead is full of thorns.