Even Amarnath Reddy Gives Chandrababu's Chittoor Visit a Miss

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When in power, all kinds of people follow the leader, sing his paeons and tom-tom his greatness. But, the moment the leader is out of power, these people suddenly vanish. The leader is left alone to wallow in his defeat. Chandrababu Naidu must be realising this the hard way.

Time was when people of all hues used to flock to his meetings. There used to be huge crowds when he came to his home district of Chittoor. The airport was flooded with people with garlands and bouquets in hand. There used to be long and unending cavalcades following him wherever he went. Now all these are a thing of past. He is out of power and when he came to Chittoor recently, there were barely a handful of people there to receive him.  This was a real shock to Chandrababu Naidu.

What more? Even the people he gave preference to like Amarnath Reddy were nowhere to be seen. Chandrababu had gone out of the way to rehabilitate Reddy and gave him lot of importance. But, he and his followers were conspicuous by their absence. Many loyal party workers, who were sidelined by Chandrababu to pave away for Amarnath Reddy were left wondering why Reddy ignored Chandrababu Naidu, who was his biggest benefactor.
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