Ethiopian Airlines Crash: All 157 On Board Killed!

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A Nairobi-bound Ethiopian Plane lost contact with the Air Traffic Control within minutes after the take off at the Bole Airport in Addis Ababa. While the talk off happened at 8.38 am, contact was lost at 8.44 am.

As many as 149 Passengers from 33 countries and 8 Crew Members were on board the ill-fated Boeing 737-800 MAX Passenger Jet. All those on board got killed in the crash which took place near Bishoftu Town.

It's been found out that the same model Plane crashed into the Java Sea in Indonesia on October 29th. About 189 people were killed in that deadly crash.

Ethiopian Airlines is one of the biggest carriers on the continent. Last year, It carried 10.6 million passengers. The previous crash of this Airlines was in January 2010 when a flight which took-off in Beirut collapsed within minutes.

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