I Am The Owner, Not Beggar: Etela

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TRS Minister Etela Rajender responded seriously on the story run by a Media House about the possibility of his exit from Cabinet in the upcoming reshuffle.

At a programme in Huzurabad, Etela Rajender said: 'Never did I beg anybody to offer Me ministry in BC Quota. Needless to offer explanation on false speculations. I hadn't taken money from anyone since the past 15 years. If anybody could prove my claim is wrong, I am willing to take political sanyas. 3.5 crore people achieved Telangana State fighting collectively. I challenged those who threatened to kill Me. We are the owners of TRS Flag...you will know who are the beggars. Don't forget that I fought for Telangana self respect. Never did I fought for Ministry using my caste'.

A News Channel reported that two Pro-TRS Newspapers have been ing Etela Rajender for the past three days. It even reported that KCR is miffed with Etela for leaking confidential details discussed during Collectors Meeting with Revenue Officials. That Channel has gone to the extent of saying Etela, who received ministry in the BC Quota, will be sacked during the upcoming cabinet reshuffle.  

Etela Rajender served as Finance Minister during TRS First Term. In the Second Term, He was allotted Health Portfolio.
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