Era Pawan...Pundakor: Kathi Mahesh

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Kathi Mahesh never hesitates to Pawan Kalyan. The latest post of this self-proclaimed Film Critic created a sensational in the political circles.

During the recent meeting with Jana Sainiks in Visakhapatnam, Pawan Kalyan made sarcastic comments on YS Jaganmohan Reddy. He went on to say, 'Jagan could establish AP Capital in Pulivendula and High Court in Kurnool if wants'.

Kathi Mahesh responded much more seriously than YCP Leaders on these comments: 'Era Pawan Kalyan... Pundakor. You're making fun by talking about AP Capital in Pulivendula and High Court in Kurnool. People of Rayalaseema truly deserve them. Is it a joke for you? Do you wish to get head tonsure yet again! Khabadaar!!'.

When several Netizens complained about the language used by him while addressing Jana Sena Chief, Kathi Mahesh told he can't find better words to speak about Pawan Kalyan who isn't only irresponsible but also a slave who stooped to a new low. He even mocked Powerstar for warning political opponents in his typical style (Thata Theestha, Tholu Theestha). Kathi wondered what could Pawan gain from such power-less warnings after double defeat in the elections.

Kathi Mahesh raised the dosage of his abuses on arch-rival Pawan Kalyan. Mega Fans were getting restless every time this Film Critic makes a mockery of the statements issued by their Leader. Nobody knows when will this rivalry end..!
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