Trailer Talk: Entha Manchivadavura - Same Old Family Drama

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Family movies in Telugu film tend to follow the similar screenplay like a hero starts fighting for the family of his own or others. The characters change but the dialogues and situations, don't.

It is all like the masala that Kalyanram added to the fruit - guava in the end frames of the trailer. Salt and chilli never change, it is the guava that should be perfectly in shape. It shouldn't be too smooth or too raw.

Satish Vegnesna after trying to succeed with Srinivasa Kalyanam which delivered lengthy lectures to audiences about marriage rituals and life, he has gone back to safe bet formula.

The formula demands short one-liners from hero, villain and family relations that try to seem real. The film seems to have followed everything from the text book to make it at least a safe bet for Sankranthi.

But during a season where, stars like Allu Arjun, Mahesh are also following similar track in a bigger way, similar kind of film from Kalyanram that too in age old format, seems too risky.

Anyways, we never know if such a movie may also connect with audiences. Gopi Sundar scored music for the film. Mehreen Prizada played the leading lady role and Umesh Gupta, Subhash Gupta produced it. Movie is releasing on 15th January, 2020.

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