Teaser Talk: Enter The 'Erotic' Girl Dragon!

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Ram Gopal Varma announced his next film will be an international flick, 'Enter The Girl Dragon'. The teaser of the film released a while ago and looks like Varma did nothing but to fill it with slow-motion shots of heroine fighting in skimpy outfits.

Varma wanted this to be a homage to his idol, Bruce Lee and even inserted many of his quotes in the teaser. But, it is overshadowed by his focus on projecting debutant Pooja Bhalekar in all the hot ways possible. The teaser is an attempt to show her sexiness from different angles and in numerous slinky outfits. More than an action film based on Bruce Lee, the 204-second teaser makes you think that Varma made a B-grade erotic thriller.

Written and directed by Ram Gopal Varma, this film is produced by 'Big People' and 'Tiger Company' banners. Ravi Shankar scored music for this thriller. On the whole, RGV is once again going to deliver a film that leans more towards vulgarity in the name of action and glamour.

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