End of the road for these two biggies?

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In a strange coincidence, both the speaker of the former Telangana assembly and the former chairperson of the Telangana legislative council are now in limbo. They had their time under the sun and glowed in the arc lights for five to six years. But today, no one even remembers them. They are practically nowhere people today.

Former assembly speaker S Madhusudanachary was quite powerful in the last assembly. But, he lost the 2018 elections from Bhupalapally constituency despite the popular wave in favour of the TRS. The victor was Congress leader Gandra Venkata Ramana Reddy. Reddy joined the TRS and this meant the eclipse of Chary in local politics. Today, no one in the party even bothers to approach him as Gandra has quickly took reins of the TRS in Bhupalapally. Similarly, Swami Goud, who was very popular as the secretariat employees union leader, was invited into the TRS and was made an MLC. He went on to become the chairperson of the legislative council.

But, once his term was over, KCR did not renominate Swami Goud. Seasoned politician Gutta Sukhender Reddy was made the council chairperson. He has also not been given any party post. Today Swami Goud is a shadow of his former self and he rarely has some visitors to his residence. Both these leaders today have no access to KCR and they have fallen by way side.
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