Encounter Isn't Justice: 2008 Acid Attack Survivor

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The encounter of four accused in Disha gang-rape and murder case reminds us of 2008 Warangal Encounter in which three Acid Attack Accused were gunned down. Hyderabad Police were at the receiving end of accolades for serving justice within few days after the crime happened. However, 2008 Acid Attack Survivor T Pranitha feels encounter of the accused doesn't ensure justice. She believes preempting assault is the best way to serve justice for women.

In 2008, Three Men S Srinivas (25), P Harikrishna (24) and D Sanjay (22) threw acid on Swapnika and her classmate Pranitha in Warangal just because Swapnika hadn't accepted the love proposal from Srinivas. The trio were killed in an encounter three days later. While Swapnika passed away due to severe burn injuries, Pranitha survived the acid attack.

Pranitha (31) got settled in United States. She is currently living in Denver, Colorado. On November 28th when cops found the charred body of 27-Year-Old Veterinarian Doctor, Pranitha stopped watching Television as she was so disturbed and wants to keep herself away from case updates/protests. #JusticeForDisha Campaign has brought back the horrifying experience she had 11-Years-Ago.

Instead of encounters, Pranitha seeks quick action from police on complaint made by Women, fast-tracking of legal procedures and conviction of the accused by trial.

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