Emma Roberts Turned Down #RRR Offer

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Nothing seems to be working for SS Rajamouli ever since he took #RRR on the floors. Male Leads got injured and One of the Female Leads (Daisy Edgar Jones) had bid goodbye to the project. Makers were forced to go in search of a suitable replacement.

Emma Roberts was considered for the role in #RRR. As per the latest update, This American Singer-cum-Actress isn't in a mood to offer bulk dates for a regional flick. So, Rajamouli has re-launched the hunt for the female lead.

Most Indian Actresses wouldn't dare to say no to someone like SS Rajamouli especially after 'Baahubali'. But here, The requirement of the subject is a foreigner. Everything fell in place when Daisy Edgar Jones came into the project, but she made the Makers sweat it out by opting out all of a sudden.

Rajamouli can't delay the casting of female lead for too long as the schedules get disturbed. He has to take a call at some point based on the available options. Who is destined to bag the crucial role?