Will Election Commission Oblige Chandrababu Naidu?

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Chandrababu seems determined to take the collision course. He has decided to go on confrontational mode with the chief secretary of the state. He has now sent a communiqué to Chief Secretary LV Subramanyam to make arrangements for a Cabinet meeting on May 19. A note, the administration confirms, has reached the CS.

It may be  recalled that Chandrababu was angry and upset over the chief secretary asking the IAS officials and other key honchos not to attend any official meeting called by Chandrababu as the election code was in progress. To get one up on the CS, he sent a letter asking the CS to make arrangements for the cabinet meeting.

Normally, cabinet meets do not happen when the election code is in progress. It can be held only in extraordinary circumstances. As of now, there is nothing extraordinary in AP. But, now that Chandrababu called for a meeting, there is intense speculation as to what will happen next.

The CS is believed to have decided to forward Chandrababu's note to the state election commission seeking its clarification. There is a likelihood of the State Election Commission seeking advice from the Central Election Commission.

Let's see what will the state election commission do? What if it seeks its advice from the Central Election Commission? What if the advice does not come even on May 19, when the meet has to be held? What will Chandrababu do if he does not get permission?
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