Will JC Pays Price For Loose Talk?

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Voters will be bribed ahead of the polling day by the political parties and candidates. That's something nobody would deny but those Leaders who talk about it publicly will have to face the consequences. Few years ago, Speaker Kodela created a sensation by declaring that he spent Rs 11 crore to get elected as MLA in 2014. Recently, JC Diwakar Reddy didn't hesitate to say Rs 50 crore per constituency and altogether Rs 10,000 crore were spent in AP during 2019 Elections.

Leaders of Opposition Parties complained to Election Commission against JC Diwakar Reddy for making such controversial comments. On behalf of EC, Veerapandian served notices to the Ex-MP of Anantapur seeking his explanation over the statements related to bribing of the voters. Will JC Diwakar Reddy end up paying the price for what he spoke?

Some people say JC should be felicitated for speaking openly about the corrupt system. And there are people who find fault with JC for speaking like saint after relying on cash politics for decades.

In the past, Chenna Reddy used to offer sensational news to media on a regular basis. After him, It was JC who took the responsibility of not to disappoint the mediapersons who crave for TRPs.

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