Get Ready: Ban On Pawan Kalyan Films!

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What happened in Karnataka may happen in Andhra Pradesh as well? Returning Officer of the Mandya Lok Sabha Segment N Manjushree imposed a ban on the screening of films starring Sumalatha and Nikhil Gowda on Doordarshan until the completion of polling on April 18th. This decision was taken as both Sumalatha and Nikhil Gowda are Actors who contest against each other in the upcoming Lok Sabha Polls. This rule is applicable for only Doordarshan, not Private Channels and Theatres.

Pawan Kalyan is contesting 2019 Assembly Polls from both Bhimavaram and Gajuwaka. There is every possibility of imposing a ban on the screening of feature films starring Pawan as well to stop him from influencing voters in that way.

Nomination will be filed by Pawan Kalyan in Gajuwaka Tomorrow (March 21st). He would be filing nomination in Bhimavaram on Friday (March 22nd). It's up to the choice of Returning Officers to decide whether there is a necessity for ban.

As per sources, Pawan Kalyan will be resigning as Bhimavaram MLA if he emerges victorious in both the Assembly Constituencies. Most number of Jana Sena Memberships were recorded in Gajuwaka. So, Pawan won't be sacrificing this seat at any cost.

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