Telugu actress opens up about film chances!

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Finding a Telugu heroine in Tollywood is as tough as finding an apple in a pineapple. Filmmakers always look towards other states for finding heroines because of reasons only known to them. Telugu girl Eesha Rebba who is acting in a couple of small films recently opened up about this issue.

She is currently promoting her upcoming film 'Raagala 24 Gantallo' which is a complete female-oriented one. During the promotions, she said that she is so glad to get such a strong character and also added that our filmmakers often say that they are comfortable working with Telugu girls as they understand the language and give better output but they don't come from the heart. She says that it is just for the sake of praising but when the time comes, they look for other state actresses and rope them.

She later said that this is changing slowly and Telugu girls are getting chances more frequently. Eesha Rebba is currently working on the remake of popular Hindi anthology 'Lust Stories' and she is rumoured to be playing a role in Chiranjeevi's 152nd film too.
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