Mild Earthquake In Telugu States

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People in some parts of the Telugu States have experienced mild tremors with a magnitude of 4.8 measured on Richter Scale at 2.30 am. Tremors lasted for around 6 seconds in the early hours of Sunday. While most people were asleep when the earthquake happened, Some people realized that there was something wrong and ran out of their houses to save their lives.

So far, Neither Casualties nor Property Damage was reported. That's because of the low magnitude of the Earthquake. The devastation could have be severe had if the quake is anywhere close to 7 on Richter Scale.

Tremors were experienced by public in Hyderabad, Khammam and Suryapet Districts in Telangana. Quake lasted for about 3 to 6 seconds even in Krishna district's Muthyala Mandal and Ravilala. Officials of Geological Survey say, 'Such mild tremors were normal in the Krishna River basin. There is nothing to worry'.  

Mild Earthquakes has become very common in Telugu States. People in AP and Telangana have been experiencing the tremors at least once in two years. Let's only hope that the magnitude don't get worse..!
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