Just 3 Years To Go: Ayyanna Warns Police

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On the eve of his birthday, TDP Senior Leader Ayyanna Patrudu planned rally and blood donation camp in Narsipatnam on Wednesday. Permission for the rally was denied by the police citing the helmet rule which came into effect from September 1st this year. On Tuesday evening, District Collector granted the permission for the blood donation drive.

Ayyanna Patrudu made sensational comments while addressing followers on his birthday. He warned the AP Police by saying YCP Government won't be lasting for more than 3 years. In the end, The Ex-Minister blamed CM for denial of permission for his rally.

While conveying blood donation is a good thing to do, Ayyanna Patrudu claimed permission was given by the government in the last minute as he would conduct the drive even if consent was denied. He also joked that those who had consumed alcohol in the night can't donate blood.

On a finishing note, Ayyanna made fun of the YCP Government: 'I had been in politics for over 3 decades and seen many Chief Ministers. He is the only CM who proved to be worse in just 3 months. All those who wished to see him receive 'One Chance' had no clue what to do now'.

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