Shock For Babu: There's A Thief In His Team

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Chandrababu's ill-timed and wholly unwarranted protest trip to the central election commission  in Delhi on the issue of the EVM glitches, found him in a spot when the Election Commission officials refused to meet one of his team members. The CEC officials said that Harikrishna Prasad, a member of the Chandrababu delegation was accused of stealing an EVM in 2010. The CEC said that it would not interact with Hariprasad as he has 'questionable antecedents.' The TDP could not answer the queries raised by the CEC on Hariprasad. As a result, the delegation had to meet CEC sans Hariprasad. So, the whole purpose of demonstrating how the EVMs could be hacked and get publicity in the Telugu media has failed.

To top it, no senior leader from any political party has called on Chandrababu. Even the efforts to get key leaders on phone calls failed as everyone was busy in electioneering. So, Babu has none but his own partymen for the Delhi drama.
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