Dubbing This Hero's Films Are Becoming A Trend!

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We usually see Tamil films being dubbed in Telugu and getting released on Youtube. If a Tamil hero gets craze in Telugu, then all his previous works will be dubbed and released to generate revenue.

After Dhanush, Ajith, and Vijay, this time it is going to be versatile actor Vijay Sethupati. This hero got decent recognition for his role in 'Sye Raa' and is going to be the villain in Allu Arjun and Sukumar's project. Also, some of his films are famous across South India. So, the producers and Youtube channels are running behind his past films and are trying to dub them.

One of his films is coming into Telugu with the name 'Vijay Sethupati' directly. It looks like the people who brought the rights didn't even bother to come up with a Telugu title and used the hero's name instead. Now, all other films are also getting dubbed to cash in on the craze of this star.
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