Drunkards Hurling Abuses At This CM: CBN

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During the Sand Deeksha, TDP Supremo Chandrababu Naidu made sensational comments on the hike in liquor prices during the YCP Government. He went on to say Drunkards kept complaining to him about the unreasonable prices charged for liquor supplied by the State Government.

Chandrababu Naidu: 'A Drunkard complained to Me about the increase in liquor price from Rs 50 to Rs 80 and asked what kind of Government is this..! These days, All those who drink alcohol has been abusing this Chief Minister'.

This Visionary Leader had in the past advised Drunkards, 'Drink A Peg For Happiness...Don't Spoil Your Health By Consuming Full Bottle'.

In the TDP rule, Then Excise Minister Jawahar promoted Beer as a Health Drink and offered permission for setting up belt shops in residential areas as well. YCP Government, on the other hand, cut short the belt shops, limited the sale hours and hiked the prices. All these measures were taken in the best interest of the public. Why does Babu want people to drink more than one peg after losing power?
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