New Tension In Green Cardholders

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Children who are now on a Dependent (H4) visa, will no longer have to obtain a Student Visa (F1 ) and should voluntarily come to India from the U.S. Recently, two bills have been put in place to lift the green card limits offered to countries in the U.S. Congress. However, one bill was rejected by the Senate. Many Indians who are hoping to raise the limit is disappointed.

We find most of the people going to America are Indians. Many of these Indians are employed in the U.S. on an H1B visa. The U.S. issues 1.4 million green cards annually for those who have an H1B (Employment ) visa. Cyrus Mehta, founder of immigration firm New York says, It takes at least 10 years for Indians to get an H1b visa. As of April last year, 6.32 lakh Indians were on the green card waiting list. Depending on it, you can understand how many people are waiting for a green card.

However, this waiting period is causing difficulties not only for employees but also for their children. There is also no guarantee that the Student Visa will be received. If you don't have a visa you will have to leave the U.S.

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