Does Mahesh Want To Turn Producer For His Own Films?

This is a big question going around in TFI circles, as Mahesh Babu is asking every producer to either go for co-producing with him or with another big producer who paid him advance.

Mahesh Babu cracked a big deal for Sarileru Neekevvaru and he is said to be paid more than Rs. 50 crores as he has partnership in the production.

He will receive a base amount for signing the deal and rest will be paid to him after selling the movie rights. His contribution to the production will be his own remuneration which is more than 25 crores other than the token amount for his dates.

Allu Arjun followed this idea with Haarika and Hassine Creations asking them to join his home production as partners. He even made Mythri Movie Makers to accept such a deal.

His part of the deal is different from Mahesh's. He presents the producers with distribution of Geetha as it will be regarded their own film and both the teams will have percentages in collections in areas which Geetha distributes on their own and share in table price for areas which they sell out.

This will increase Allu Arjun's final remuneration as for these films he will get more than 45% what Geetha makes as his individual percentage from what Geetha Arts makes as an organisation.

Well, Mahesh as asked now Geetha Arts to come up with such a deal for him if they want his dates. He asked them give him a deal that will involve his production house GMB in the production of the film and a good percentage in profits regarding his production house as at least 35% share holder, it seems.

Geetha Arts never made such deals with Chiranjeevi or Nagababu or even Pawan Kalyan. So, they are vary of this new request but as Allu Aravind wants to establish Geetha Arts as a production house that doesn't just make movies with Mega heroes, he could come up with a deal for Mahesh to accept their proposed movie with Geetha Govindam fame Parasuram.