Do you know who is Disha Patani in Relationship With?

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Disha Patani is known for unlimited skin show and glamour content on social media. She doesn't have any issue with putting images off her wearing lingerie.

She even models for Calvin Klein Company and that has lead to many trolls on her. But she takes them all with a pinch of salt.

Later, she and Tiger Shroff became "the couple of interest" for tabloids in Mumbai. They became the biggest "item" for Page-3 news and Disha was more known for being a "friend" of Tiger than her skills, for sometime.

Now, the couple seems to have broken up and going on with their lives, individually. While they share no regrets or lost emotions in press, we got to know that Disha has a new boyfriend.

May be we should say, she is in a relationship with her dog, puppy. She doesn't want to leave the dog even for a second and has been constantly appearing with it all over.

Well, do we have to say anything more on this? May be we can go little cheeky and say, "Happy Valentines Day to Disha and her puppy!"
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