Do You Want To Know About TFI Heroes, Ask Puri!

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Puri Jagannath is the only director who worked with almost all the stars in TFI. He started with Pawan Kalyan, continued with Jagapathi Babu, Ravi Teja and with Ravi Teja, he became a star director too.

He got first senior star hero film with Nagarjuna's Shivamani and then couldn't handle NTR's Andhrawala. He bounced back with Mahesh's Pokiri after failing again with Nag's Super, failing with his Brother's first film, 143 too.

After Pokiri, he has been surrounded by offers from all young stars and he did launch of Ram Charan with Chirutha. He did Bujjigadu with Prabhas and Desamuduru with Allu Arjun. He again directed all of them for round two post 2010, but with less success.

When it comes to talking openly about them and giving interesting tidbits, Puri mastered the art of publicity. He told some interesting things about all of them.

He said that during Chirutha he shot a song first and due to sunny weather the actors both were exposed to so much melanie that they had to be taken to doctor to get their original skin color back.

About Jr. NTR he said that NTR drives fast and never listens to anyone about it. He shared that NBK is most religious and he never saw a person in his life like him who wakes up at 4:30 AM to perform pooja.

He said that Prabhas is the best food connoisseur and the actor got him home cooked meal in Malaysia as he was writing script for their film with his personal staff. Later he shared that NTR is one of the best cooks in T-Town.

He said that Pawan Kalyan tested him about his script sense before giving Badri asking him to change the climax. He also shared that Pawan Kalyan let him use bad words as he understood that they are natural to him. Pawan doesn't tolerate people speaking bad words around him.

About Allu Arjun, he said that the actor is highly health and body conscious. He shared that AA never missed diet and even in 0℃ ice cold weather he did plank and push-ups bear chested! So, now you know whom you need to turn to for all the interesting things on heroes!