Hot Topic: Savitri Caste!

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It is really unfortunate that Telugus have a peculiar disease.  It is more prevalent among the people of Andhra region. If we dig deeper, Coastal Andhra people try to know the caste of the other person within ten minutes of acquaintance.  Comparatively, there is no such curiosity among the Telangana people to know about other's caste.  But this ugly disease is slowly catching up with the Telangana people in the recent past.

When Sindhu brought an Olympic medal to India everybody appreciated her..but Telugus were busy finding out her caste.  They tried to take the help of Google search to know the caste.  In another case, the same thing happened with Bigg Boss winner Siva Balaji, participant Hari Teja etc.  Now, Telugus are busy finding out the caste of 'Mahanati' Savitri.  

Though Savitri left the world nearly four decades ago, her biopic 'Mahanati' brought the caste discussion.  The people who watched 'Mahanati' have first confirmed that she belongs to Kamma community.  Some people went on to say that she belongs to Kapu community.  The netizens have done a lot of research to find out the caste of Savitri.

Savitri parents Nisshankaram Guravaiah.. Subhadramma are Kapus.  Then, why did people say she belongs to Kamma caste? The reason is there is an uncle character in the movie who supports Savitri in realising her dream and helps her getting film offers. As his name has Chowdary tag, people thought  Savitri is Kamma because her uncle is Chowdary.  If the parents are Kapus then how is her uncle a Chowdary?

This is the twist.. Savitri's aunt married a Chowdary and it was a love marriage. If we keep all this aside, Savitri loved and married a Tamil Brahmin.  So, there is no importance to caste in Savitri life.. but our Telugu audience are discussing it after 40 years of Mahanti death.  It is really pathetic. Surprisingly, none of these castes came to her help at her final stages.

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