Disciplinary action will be taken against Jana Sena MLA

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The Jana Sena party has only one ML Rapaka Vara Prasad. Now the Jana Sena party issued notice to him, to explain supporting the YCP government’s decision.

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan issued a vip to party members not to support the three capitals decision. In spite of that Rapaka Vara Prasad supported the YCP decision and told other opposition leaders to support the decision. He also expressed that having three capitals will benefit in the development of the state and the state will be developed in every corner of the state.

The issue of Rapaka Vara Prasad was mentioned in the parties political meeting, members of the committee said that from the time he was elected to the assembly, he was not following the parties ideologies and there is a risk to the party that seeing this many people will not follow the party ideologies and the party decided to take a disciplinary action.
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