Who Blamed Media For Saaho Failure?

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Director Sujeeth seems to be unable to take the criticism on 'Saaho' in a right manner. This Young Filmmaker is now blaming Media for the negativity surrounding the action thriller.

Sujeeth opined Reviewers might have taken 'Saaho' personally rather than treating it like any other movie. He even offered a free advice asking the reviewers to delay their analysis by one or two days from the day of release. This Director have a problem with the Tweet Reviews, which he described as running commentary, as well.

Shockingly, Sujeeth reached a conclusion that most people who levelled plagiarism charges on 'Saaho' mayn't have watched the French flick 'Largo Winch'. He had gone to the extent of saying Media has been using 'Saaho' as a substance to create content until the arrival of next movie. In fact, Sujeeth claimed to have learnt a lesson with 'Saaho' negative feedback that he need to reduce his intelligence a bit and explain everything in detail to match up to the low standards of the Reviewers.

Taking entire credit when a film hits bull's eye and blaming Media if a movie receives negative feedback...This has become a habit for the Actors and Directors! What do you say?
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