Out Of The Box Promotions By Hero And Director!

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Director Maruti and hero Sai Dharam Tej seem to be in a fun mood on social media today. Wishing his co-star Raashi Khanna on her birthday, Sai Dharam Tej took to Twitter and posted a picture of both. It has Raashi holding Sai Dharam's hand. The hero funnily asked her to remove that hand as Raashi's fans may get angry.

Replying to that, director Maruti posted pictures of Sai Dharam holding Raashi and asked why he is touching her now. The 'Supreme' hero was quick to come with a witty reply. He said that he did because the director told him to do so.

This funny banter on Twitter grabbed the attention of many. People too started getting involved in this conversation and had fun. Ironically, the whole thing revolved around Raashi Khanna and the actress didn't tweet anything. Despite that, the hero and director indirectly promoted their film, 'Prathi Roju Pandage'. It went into the public subtly and one can say that this is a very clever strategy.

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