Buzz: Big Director To File A Case On That Actor-Producer?

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The fights about remuneration and pending amounts are common in TFI. Even big heroes and producers tend to file complaints on others sighting violations and bad conduct after few clashes.

But this one seemed a bit out of the box and unbelievable for us. The director took on the biggest challenge in his career on the insistence of the actor.

He gave him a hit breaking his failure streak and got the biggest chance, a dream for many. He took time to complete the film, as well.

But the film did not succeed as much as the actor-producer imagined and this seems to have lead to a clash between them.  

The director is asking for the clearance of his pending funds and the producer did not respond, it seems. As he couldn't wait anymore, he is thinking about filing the complaint on the production house in Producers Council, it seems.

These are not that big issues in TFI but the actor-producer is known for being his nature to not hurt anyone and why he is doing so, or is he being dragged into a mess, by the director out of desperation? We don't know yet.

The direction hasn't announced his next after the big film and he might have gotten frustrated with how things are not happening for him, say several insiders!
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